• 26/2, Lumbini Avenue, Mount Lavinia
  • +(94) 773595135
  • Mon-Sat: 10:00am-4:00pm

why we need your help

Because a better life and we need your hand

We are blessed with dedicated volunteers who generously give us their time and effort for worthy causes and to make the lives of many for the better. We always try to make sure that our volunteers receive the best possible experience being part of Senera Sisu Saviya

Regardless of age, volunteers can select any of our options depending on the time they can allocate.
  • Regular Volunteer (spend few hours in a week/month or a long term commitment and take part in team meetings and project discussions).
  • Events Volunteers (committing to assist us in our charity events).
  • Virtual Volunteer ( support via social media and the internet on our awareness campaigns and fundraising events).


  • Helping the needy can be personally a rewarding experience.
  • Contribute back something to the community.
  • The opportunity to engage in new projects and with diverse backgrounds.
  • An opportunity to learn new skills as well as hone them.
  • Receive reference letter for volunteering.


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